12 camera accessories necessary for travel photography.

Travel photography is not just the right place at the time. It also involves carrying the right camera at the right time and with the right accessories. Whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer, having the right camera accessories does have a big impact on image quality. There is no doubt that travel photographers carry a large enough tool kit to let you know what’s inside. Ok, this is no longer a secret; we are here to tell you all the must-have travel accessories you must carry in order to start your travel photography career like a professional.

camera accessories

Compact Tripod

Performing long exposure shots without a tripod may damage the image. Even for regular shooting, a tripod can help you click on perfect, clear images. The tripod is the photographer’s best friend, solving many of the problems you encountered while shooting outdoors. Usually, the tripod is complicated to use and cumbersome to carry. Choose a tripod designed for travel photography. They are lightweight, sturdy and compact, and they work best with professional cameras with long lenses.

camera accessories

Memory Card Case

Don’t forget to bring some extra memory cards. You never know when you need extra space to capture the amazing moments around you. Therefore, prepare additional memory cards and store them in a memory card box to ensure they are safe and do not lose any valuable data.

Hard Drive

Many experienced photographers have a good habit of carrying a hard drive with them. Photography is a profession and you can’t expect to use exact numbers. You may need to click a few hundred times; therefore, having extra backup storage is good. So if you are blown away by the inspiration, consider carrying a hard drive in your bag.

Lift Straps

Walking is not easy. Travel photography may take you to the mountains to the mine. Therefore, always use the camera lift to avoid the pain and stiffness of carrying a heavy camera. There are multiple belts on the market that allow you to carry heavyweight cameras comfortably. Therefore, don’t forget to have a good quality belt before going out.

camera accessories

Carry On Case

When you travel from one place to another. There are risks associated with storing expensive digital SLR cameras and lenses in regular tote bags. If you have a high-end lens series, it’s time to invest some money in a suitcase designed to hold multiple camera bags. Ordinary people spend money on their suitcases, but professional photographers prefer to invest in high-quality camera backpacks or carrying bags. No matter where you go, you can protect your device with you.

Waterproof Case

You can’t control the weather, but you can always get good protection. For travel photography, you must carry a waterproof camera case so that your high-end lens and camera will not rain during the downpour. In addition, many professionals don’t want to miss shooting at all costs, so wearing a waterproof camera bag allows you to achieve your passion without interruption.

Lens Pen

Professional photographers who always travel need to be fully equipped with all the necessary tools to capture the perfect lens, no matter what the conditions, when and where. You may never know when the right moments are coming, so most pros like to stay ready. High quality camera clips are the perfect tool to keep your camera easy and easy to access. The strap or belt is strong enough to easily carry the weight of your camera, and you can get different qualities depending on the type of camera.

A smart device – goTenna

If you are a travel photographer who likes to hike, then goTenna is a great device for you. This device helps you make calls and send text messages when you are on an expedition without using your mobile phone. In an emergency, this device is a lifeguard. You can use this device to contact others to exchange messages. The device’s app includes offline maps that are easy to use in almost every place in the world. Needless to say, the device is equipped with a GPS location so you don’t lose your track.

Travel Cable Organizer

When you are in a photography profession, it is normal to carry numerous cables of multiple small devices that you have. However, these tiny cables are too delicate to keep loose. Therefore, carry a nice cable organizer to protect and save your time untangling them. Organizing bags with many pockets for different sized electronic devices are a great help for anyone who carries many wire and cables. It will sort your life and save your time spent searching for that charger cable.


Tripod isn’t a practical choice every time. So if you are an extreme photographer, include this amazing gear to your kit. GorillaPod is incredibly cool gear to get a perfect shot. It is compact in size, lightweight and easy to use. It can be a band as per your desired angles. Also, you can wrap it to any desired surface to hold your mirror-less camera with ease. Isn’t this great addition to your gearbox?

Extra Batteries

When you work in a creative field where inspiration strikes at any moment, you can’t afford to lose your camera’s battery life. Hence, one of the essential accessories that every travel photographer must have in this bag is extra batteries. You can buy batteries in bulk from online stores and apply coupons code to get good deals. This way you will always have plenty of batteries to avoid battery situations in the middle of your work.


Photographers spend their life traveling and searching for the right moment to capture. Being unprepared when a once-in-a-life shot presents itself can be the worst feeling of your life. So, if you are working on becoming a travel photographer, start preparing and equip yourself with the right tools that would aid you in your quest.

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